Eva McLelland’s Secrets

Eva McLelland on balcony
Eva McLelland (1970)

Chocolate, Pepsi, and Classical Music! These were the favorite things that make Eva McLelland’s life interesting. But there was one other item.   She was married to a man who was thought to be dead.

Early in her life, growing-up in Alabama, she did well in her studies, and married a career Army man. After traveling the world, their marriage ended in divorce in the mid 1960s. Her first marriage yielded three beautiful children, one boy and two girls. Wanting a new start, with the children nearly grown, she went to Panama for a civil service position.

In 1969, Eva met a tall handsome man, who had aides to help with his business dealings and no set hours. They became acquainted and fell in love. Eva had some facial resemblances to Elizabeth Taylor.   In March 1970, they picked out a 2-karat diamond engagement ring.   Things just got stranger.

Eva McLelland
Eva McLelland (2003)

Living with a reclusive man for 31 years, had a tendency to make a person private. However, there were other reasons she was paranoid. She was told to be careful, you could be kidnapped.   We have checked out your entire family. After they were married for several years, her husband told her he would like to be married under a different name.

On several occasions, finding her unable to deal with her husband idiosyncrasies that strained her to limits; she would leave, sometimes for months at a time. However, they always got back together. After all, she loved him.

Extremely intelligent, personable, remarkable, and friendly were the words which friends relayed about Eva. She had a God-given ability to create poetry, some days she could write two or three. Many were about nature and her faith in God. Eva published the book “Restless Winds” in 2003 which was a collection of her poetry.

Douglas Wellman, Eva McLelland, & Mark Musick (2009)
Douglas Wellman, Eva McLelland, & Mark Musick (2009)

While living in Alabama, Eva relayed to several close friends, “I have a big secret, but I can’t talk about it until my husband passes on.”   Totally loyal, she kept her secret, just as she had done with the classified documents she processes while working in Panama.

Her secret, “I was married to Howard Hughes,” was finally revealed to Mark Musick in January 2002, two months after her husband had died!