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History insists that Howard Hughes didn’t father any children. Well, not so fast!

In the Second Edition of “Boxes” we linked John McDonald and Cindy Davis (Hughes) through DNA. John’s grandfather worked for Hughes and his mother had a relationship with him. Cindy’s mother lived across the street from the Hughes aircraft hanger at Houston airport, where she met and dated him. The DNA results are in the book.

Now we have more data. We believe DNA samples of Howard Hughes exist, but proving it and getting a court order for it is another matter. However, the next best thing, a DNA link between Cindy and Howard’s mother, Allene Gano, has just turned up. Cindy has been in contact with some of her new-found relatives!

There is no longer any question about it:: Howard really did have a couple of reasons to celebrate Father’s Day!

Interview with Coast to Coast AM’s Richard Syrett

Douglas Wellman and Mark Musick recently joined Richard Syrett to discuss the history-changing story of Eva McLelland. Give it a listen here!

Body doubles
This newspaper clipping came to us after the second edition of the book had already gone to press. It is a side by side photo comparison of Howard Hughes and one of his body doubles, Brucks Randell, who is discussed in the book. The caption is hard to read, but it identifies Randell as his double. A few months after we received this photo we found Randell’s son who identified the man in the photo as his father and confirmed that he was a double for Hughes.

Medal 2The Republican Presidential Legion of Merit

If you’ve read the book you know that Paul and Mary Bozeman were among Nik and Eva’s very few friends. After Nik died, Eva gave the medal below to Mary for safekeeping. Mary either misplaced it or forgot about it, since she just recently told us about it. We would have loved to have the picture in the book.

As you can see by the message in the presentation box, this is the highest award the Republican Party gave to members. How much do you think a member would have to donate to get one? $50,000? $100,000? More? What are the odds that a retired $5,000 a year aviation maintenance supervisor could make that kind of donation? What about the richest man in the world, Howard Hughes?

We continue to look for information on this award. So far we can’t determine the age of this medal, but given Howard’s relationship with Richard Nixon, and all the money he sent his way, it’s likely a little ‘thank you’ souvenir from the Nixon White House.


Howard Hughes was a world-class playboy and philanderer. He was notorious for his many affairs with Hollywood starlets, and even had people on his payroll that would seek out young girls for him. Throughout all of these affairs he supposedly remained childless. Not true. In the Second Edition of Boxes, The Secret Life of Howard Hughes you’ll learn of Cindy Hughes and John MacDonald and their astounding stories.